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Clinical Psychologists and Experts on Issues of:

Race  | Boys and Men Mental Health | Diversity


Want to reduce racial bias or improve mental health services in your  school, community or governmental organization?

We can help.


We're a pair of clinical psychologists—one black and one white—who help our clients  prevent and heal the harmful effects of racial bias and violence in their teams and communities. 



We design and run custom training for companies, schools, and mental health professionals, and other organizations.

Speaking Engagements

We speak about issues relating to race, violence, and mental health.


We do short and long-term consulting work helping our clients design systems that reduce the impact of race in their communities and organizations. 

Program Design

We design effective programs to help boys and young men of color from pre-k  through college in school and in the community.

Why Choose Us?

Our work draws from our expertise on the psychology of race and bias and our years of working directly with communities of color, government agencies, businesses and schools. We help our clients approach tricky and deep-seated racial and mental health issues across a wide range of industries:

Government & Community Organizations


Designing systems that help people and communities of color move beyond harmful cycles of violence and mistrust

Mental Health Professionals

Equipping schools and teachers to reduce the impact of bias in the classroom and beyond


Leading diversity training that addresses  unintentional and systemic issues of bias in the workplace

Mental Health Professionals

Training mental health professionals to successfully navigate racial dynamics during mental health treatment

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